June 2015


Student Generated Reading Questions

CC Ken Whytock There is a lot of talk about assessment in Higher Education. Mostly it centers around midterm and final exams or the semester paper. However, there is a lot more to assessment than those three items.  In an article reprinted in Faculty Focus,  Offerdahl and Montplaisir researched using student generated reading questions as a formative assessment technique in an upper level science course. (more…)


Is Blogging still a Resource?

As summer approaches and faculty go out to do their summer research, I had an opportunity to talk with someone about their upcoming research. They are going to be in two different countries studying a very special topic: human trafficking. I asked if they considered blogging their reflections during their research to help both their ability to capture what was happening for future articles but also for their colleagues studying the same topic during their summer research in other places. (more…)

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